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Transfer Pricing Software vs. Consultants

Transfer pricing software vs consultants are the two sought-after methods for managing the complexities of a multinational enterprise’s transfer pricing policy. The use of Transfer pricing software vs consultants comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is...

What is a fiscal unity?

Albert Einstein and taxes Taxes has throughout the ages been a major point of debate. Every country has their unique way of collecting taxes. Leo Mattersdorf was the tax advisor for Albert Einstein. They once had lunch together where Einstein famously told Mattersdorf...

TPGenie + Public CbC

TPGenie is prepared to flag for Public Country by Country Reporting. Public CbC will be in place for the MNE groups. To determine if an MNE is flagged for Public CbC, TPGenie uses the below set of rules: EU headquartered MNE and in last 2 years revenue > 750mil, or...

ISO 27001 certification

Intra Pricing Solutions BV is in the process of ISO 27001 certification. The goal is to receive the certification by the end of 2022. What is ISO 27001 Certification? ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised specification for an Information Security Management...

Compare Transfer Pricing databases

Multinational enterprises across the globe have to comply with transfer pricing documentation requirements. To provide the documentation which is fully compliant with tax legislation it should contain the calculation of arm’s length range – comparability analysis. In...

What is the CbCR Survey?

What is the CbCR Survey?

Don't waste your time on sending back and forth Excels and lots of emails! TPGenie transfer pricing software is equipped with the CbCR Survey. The CbCR Survey is easy to use workflow software that enables you to gather your local CbC data across your group entities....

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