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What is transfer pricing?

Transfer pricing (TP) encompasses the rules and conditions that dictate transactions within a Multinational Enterprise (MNEs). Primarily it concerns the inter-company prices charged between associated enterprises in different jurisdictions. Therefore, transfer prices...

ChatGPT and Transfer Pricing benchmarking

ChatGPT and Transfer Pricing benchmarking

Transfer Pricing benchmarking studies require a considerable amount of data and information about the companies being compared. The more accurate and reliable the data, the better the benchmarking study's results. This is where ChatGPT from OpenAI comes in. ChatGPT...

ChatGPT in transfer pricing software TPGenie

ChatGPT in transfer pricing software TPGenie

TPGenie has made a significant leap towards automation and artificial intelligence by seamlessly incorporating ChatGPT - a state-of-the-art natural language generation system. Utilizing OpenAI's AI-powered technology, TPGenie can now produce natural language responses...

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