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Business restructurings and transfer pricing

Business restructurings and transfer pricing

Multinational entities are able to optimise their profitability by restructuring functions, assets and risks. These are business restructurings in which specialisation and rationalisation are aimed at making operations more efficient. In this way, an attempt is made...

Adobe Sign API integration

Adobe Sign API integration

Last months, we worked hard to integrate Adobe Sign capabilities into the TPGenie Intercompany Agreement Creation Module. The new integration substitutes the TPGenie Agreement workflow and uses the Adobe Sign process for adding e-Signatures to your intercompany...

Intercompany agreements: the relevance explained

Intercompany agreements: the relevance explained

A multinational entity (MNE) has its companies and activities located in (several) different countries. These ‘group companies’ often provide each other with goods and services within the MNE. However, national and international rules in the field of transfer pricing...

Download free Transfer Pricing Local File template

A professionally written local file is the key ingredient of your transfer pricing documentation. Whether you’re a CFO, transfer pricing manager or something in between, drafting a local file for your entity or group can be quite difficult. Transfer pricing local file...

How to create compliant transfer pricing documentation?

A common question for transfer pricing advisors from their clients is: “How do I create compliant transfer pricing documentation?”. The answer to this question is dependent on many facts. For example, the jurisdiction that is or jurisdictions that are applicable. Some...

Country-by-Country Reporting corrections

In case your group or client has updated Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) information, a CbCR correction should be made. A reason for making a correction could be for example due to changes in the financial figures (Table 1), entity details (Table 2) or updates in...

Overview of CbCR tax portal per country

TPGenie has powerful Country-by-Country Reporting features and CbCr services. Apart from features such as CbC data gathering, risk analysis based on KPIs and generation of CbCR XML, the software also directs you to the relevant tax authorities website for submission...

Compare Transfer Pricing software: static vs. dynamic documentation

When you are looking for purchasing the best transfer pricing software for your company, there are many considerations in making the right decision. When you compare transfer pricing software, one of the very important points to consider is to understand how much you...

Translate your transfer pricing documentation automatically

In many countries it is required to submit your Transfer Pricing documentation in a local language. This article provides you an overview of in which language countries require to submit Transfer Pricing documentation. Often it is required to translate Transfer...

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