In the realm of transfer pricing, the challenges of standardisation and automation are paramount. With the introduction of TPGenie, a cutting-edge software designed to automate and standardise transfer pricing documentation, these challenges are not only met but overcome. This blog post explores the scope and benefits of implementing TPGenie, focusing on its potential to revolutionise the transfer pricing documentation process for tax managers and transfer pricing experts.

Understanding the Core of TPGenie

At its heart, TPGenie is engineered to recognise and process standardized transactions within a corporate group, enabling the automation of local file generation without necessitating year-on-year manual input for repetitive transactions. This recognition of standardization is crucial, as TPGenie’s logic operates on the premise that the scope of transactions at the group level remains consistent, even if individual transactions at the legal entity level vary from year to year.

The Value of Automation

The implementation of TPGenie promises substantial efficiencies, particularly in time spent on file preparation. The software’s capability to generate documentation automatically for a predefined set of standard transactions (T1 to T10, as examples) without additional user involvement is a testament to this. It is designed to accommodate changes or additions (such as T11 or T12 transactions) with minimal effort, requiring user intervention only for these exceptions. This not only reduces the manual workload but also ensures a high level of adaptability to the dynamic nature of business transactions.

Simplification of Complex Cases

Even in scenarios involving complex, unique transactions, TPGenie offers significant advantages. It provides a foundational document that includes any standard transactions, which can then be adjusted and expanded upon. This feature is particularly beneficial, offering a starting point that significantly reduces the time and effort required to document complex cases.

Data Integration and Efficiency

A critical aspect of TPGenie’s operation is its approach to financial data integration. The software requires specific data sets for each transaction type (e.g., loans, sales of products, intragroup services), streamlining the documentation process. Importantly, the system is designed to work with the available data, acknowledging that not all data may be at hand and allowing for flexibility in documentation. This approach ensures that most, if not all, critical data needed for manual file preparation is efficiently utilised, eliminating redundant work.

Customisation and Flexibility

A unique feature of TPGenie is its customisability. The extent of standardisation and automation can be tailored to fit the specific needs and circumstances of any organisation. This flexibility means that TPGenie can be adapted to automate the documentation process fully or partially, based on the available information and desired level of automation.

Implementing TPGenie

Considering the implementation of TPGenie involves a strategic approach, starting with the creation of transactional profiles and local file (LF) templates. This initial setup ensures that documents can be automatically repopulated in subsequent years, laying the groundwork for a streamlined process. Furthermore, the system offers various options for the workflow, including the potential for external consultant sign-off or internal team review, providing versatility to meet regulatory and organisational needs.


TPGenie represents a significant leap forward in the automation and standardisation of transfer pricing documentation. Its ability to reduce manual effort, combined with its flexibility and customisability, makes it an invaluable tool for tax managers and transfer pricing experts. By embracing TPGenie, organisations can look forward to a future where transfer pricing documentation is not only more efficient but also more accurate and compliant.

For those interested in exploring the benefits of TPGenie further, we welcome the opportunity for another discussion. TPGenie is not just a tool; it’s a solution designed to evolve with your organisation’s needs, ensuring your transfer pricing processes remain robust, compliant, and efficient in the years to come.