TPGenie Partner Program

TPGenie Partner Program

The TPGenie partner program rewards you with a range of benefits that you can tailor to your own practice goals. We’ve created it to make you even more successful – no matter what success means to you.

Enterprise clients increasingly engage consultancies with the expectation of being equipped to solve the challenges of tomorrow, not just today.

Differentiate your value proposition and leverage TPGenie’s proven impact to win new business. Empower your clients with TPGenie as a vehicle to forge deeper and longer-term relationships.

As a tax advisor or independent transfer pricing specialist, you can become a TPGenie partner. You will immediately gain access to software, education, and marketing support – not to mention the value you can pass on to your clients. We’ll help you grow to earn even more.

Boost your TPGenie Partner status

Stick with the core activities or add on a few layers of extras – it’s up to you and your practice. The more clients you have on TPGenie, the more you’ll gain for your own business.

It isn’t all about big numbers at TPGenie – it’s about acknowledging our relationship too. That’s why you’ll see a special endorsement in our partner program that will award you a different status based on your level of expertise.

Showcase your achievements

Are you excellent at retaining clients? Got a lot of experience with TPGenie? We award TPGenie status to celebrate your milestones and expertise and help promote your achievements to potential clients.

Attract new clients

As a TPGenie partner, your practice will be listed in the TPGenie advisor directory and will be visible to hundreds of potential new clients.

Attend exclusive TPGenie events

Join other cloud Transfer Pricing leaders at our annual conference, and catch up with the latest happenings when we take it to the road.

If you’re a Transfer Pricing advisor, you’ll love partnering with TPGenie. Once you complete the steps to become a partner, you’ll get access to the program’s many benefits. Including a dedicated account manager, marketing and learning resources, discounts and plenty of support to boost revenue and help your clients reach their goals.

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TPGenie Silver Partner
TPGenie Gold Partner

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