Enter TPGenie Benchmarking AI, a solution that is revolutionizing how transfer pricing experts approach their benchmarking studies, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and turnaround time for completing your transfer pricing benchmarking studies.

95% Accuracy in AI Decisions

One of our clients recently shared their experience with TPGenie Benchmarking AI, and the results speak volumes about the platform’s capabilities. In a detailed review where the AI results were ompared with a manual review, they agreed with a staggering 95% of the AI’s decisions on whether a company should be accepted or rejected for benchmarking purposes. This level of agreement underscores the precision of TPGenie’s AI, proving it to be an invaluable asset for finance professionals and companies worldwide.

Exceptional AI-Generated Company Descriptions

Moreover, our client found that in 84% of cases, the AI-generated company descriptions were spot-on. This was determined through manual comparisons with company websites. What’s even more impressive is TPGenie’s ability to read, understand, and translate websites in foreign languages, offering outputs in English. This feature alone opens up a world of possibilities, breaking down language barriers and ensuring comprehensive global coverage in benchmarking studies.

Continuous Improvement and Precision

While the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, it also highlighted areas for improvement, such as instances where the AI did not provide descriptions and automatically rejected companies. This constructive feedback is invaluable, as it drives us to continually refine and enhance TPGenie’s AI capabilities. An example cited by our client of a mismatched company description has already prompted an in-depth review, showcasing our commitment to accuracy and client satisfaction.

Join the Transfer Pricing AI Revolution

Impressed by our results and curious about what TPGenie can do for your business? You’re invited to dive deeper into our technology and discover how we can elevate your transfer pricing processes. With TPGenie, the future of benchmarking is already here, and it’s brighter than ever. Embrace the change and join the ranks of satisfied clients who have turned the tide in their favor with TPGenie Benchmarking AI.

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