Welcome to the FAQ section for TPGenie Benchmarking AI, your comprehensive solution for transfer pricing studies. Below, you’ll find detailed insights into how TPGenie integrates with databases and Excel files, its capabilities in financial analysis, market range calculations, and more. Discover how our AI-driven system streamlines the benchmarking process, enhances compliance with international guidelines, and delivers accurate, efficient results. Whether you’re curious about the software’s functionality, the extent of manual checks required, or the scalability of comparative analyses, you’ll find the answers here. For any further inquiries or detailed information, our support team is readily available to assist you.

1. Integration with Databases and Excel Files TPGenie Benchmarking AI seamlessly integrates with both our proprietary databases and Excel files extracted from external benchmarking providers such as Orbis or D&B. Users can upload their Excel files directly into the system, which then intelligently matches the uploaded data. This ensures a smooth and efficient process for importing financial data for analysis.

2. Financial Information Extraction When utilizing our proprietary database, financial information is inherently included. However, for external benchmark extracts uploaded by users, financial information must be provided within the Excel file.

3. Market Range Calculation TPGenie Benchmarking module is designed to automatically calculate the arm’s length market range, ensuring compliance with international transfer pricing guidelines and providing accurate market range calculations.

4. Current Assets Adjustments The system does currently not support adjustments to current assets within its functionalities.

5. Handling Database Entries without Websites In instances where a database entry lacks a website or the site is inaccessible, our system employs a search strategy to locate the company’s website through Google. The first hit is used as source of information.

6. Benchmark Study Duration The completion time for a benchmark study varies by the number of comparables and complexity involved. Nonetheless, the AI’s efficiency significantly cuts down analysis time, typically concluding studies within a few hours, requiring less than a minute per result.

7. Manual Review Requirement Though TPGenie Benchmarking AI achieves a high accuracy level, a minimal percentage of cases—less than 5%—may necessitate manual review for absolute verification.

8. Comparison Capacity Our AI distinguishes itself by its capability to compare a vast number of companies concurrently in a single study, accommodating analyses from dozens to hundreds of entities without compromise on accuracy or comprehensiveness.

For more information or assistance, please contact our support team.