A polished and professionally drafted transfer pricing policy document is a key ingredient in your compliance process. This could be a difficult process no matter if you are a CFO, transfer pricing manager, or junior pricing manager. We would like to share our knowledge and provide you with an example of a transfer pricing policy template. Below you can download a free Transfer Pricing Policy file template sample. You can use this example as a starting point for drafting your transfer pricing documentation.

A transfer pricing policy template is a document that provides a framework for setting transfer pricing policies within an organization. Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of intercompany transactions that are taking place between related parties.

A transfer pricing policy template includes guidelines for determining the appropriate transfer prices for commodity/service/financial/intellectual property transactions, as well as rules for documenting and reviewing. The template may also include information on how to deal with transfer pricing issues that arise, such as disputes with tax authorities. The template is a tool to help organisations ensure that their transfer pricing practices are following applicable tax laws and regulations while being consistent with the organisation’s key objectives.

Download free Transfer pricing policy template

Below you can download a framework of contents transfer pricing policy template. The file is generated with our software solution TPGenie Basic. The free Transfer Pricing documentation sample can be downloaded below.


Free Transfer pricing policy template

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