Our software solution TPGenie is ready for generating your BEPS Action 13 Country-by-Country reporting in the XML format according to specifications of the OECD and affiliated countries. It is a very user-friendly solution for converting Excel to CbCR XML.

You can easily upload your Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3 data into the tool by uploading an Excel file. The tool performs some sanity checks and with one click of a button it is compiled into the correct XML Schema.

Key features:

  • Import your Country-by-Country reporting simply by uploading an Excel file.
  • The tool has a useful overview section which provides information on issues and warnings related to the uploaded data. The tool performs sanity checks on the data and gives suggestions on entering additional Table 3 data.
  • Corrections can easily be made with the tool before generating a valid XML file.
  • Easily tagging additional information (Table 3 data) to jurisdiction, financial, legal entity or other information.
  • Automatic exchange rate conversion. Upload Table 1 data in local currency and automatically convert it to your Reporting Entity’s functional currency.
  • Automatic calculation and visualisation of tax ratios. This may be helpful to provide additional information regarding Table 3 and to map the risks involved.
  • Export your Table 1, 2, 3 data to Excel for further analysis & country specific XML formats.

In addition to creation of CbCR XML, TPGenie also provides options for sending your CbCR XML data to the Dutch tax authorities (Belastingdienst) using Digikoppeling (read more) and compiling other BEPS action 13 documentation such as local files and master file (read more).

With this update we have taken significant work off the hands of MNEs with a CbCR obligation.

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