Multinationals are obliged to be in the possession of a list of ICAs (intercompany agreements), which serve as a supporting document to transfer pricing documentation and the tax position. TPGenie is recently updated with an inter-company agreements module. The module provides you with the ability to easily manage ICAs within a central environment in which creating or updating documents is made possible in a clear and efficient manner.

The intercompany agreements module consists of the following functionality:

  • A library containing all intercompany agreements where agreements can be uploaded and characterised by entering metadata.
  • A dashboard displaying the overview of all available agreements where agreements can be uploaded and validated on a central level. For example by your legal department.
  • Integration with with your transfer pricing workflow.
  • Automatic notifications sent by email to inform counter parties and/or your legal department when information is updated or agreement’s due date is reached.
  • Output generation of the package where agreements are identified and included in the final transfer pricing documentation.
  • An overview of missing agreement, to quickly identify and mitigate potential risks.

Why using the module?

  • It provides the best overview for your intercompany agreements. You will know if one is missing or when they require updating.
  • With your intercompany agreements module being compliant is a lot easier and reduces the risk of transfer pricing related penalties.
  • No more spending a lot of time looking for the right intercompany agreement.
  • The inter-company agreements module is easy to use.
  • The inter-company agreements module is safe to use. Access can be restricted and only the relevant inter-company agreements can be shown.



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