Benchmarking Module released

February 28, 2020

Benchmarking Module released


We have worked hard to develop a new software product that takes the complicated process of performing an economic analysis / benchmarking study off your hands!

As a tax advisor, MNE or Local Entity you can create your own benchmarks by making arm’s-length analyses for tangible and intangible intra-group transactions, intra-group services and intra-group financing. The tool eliminates the need to purchase data from external data providers and makes searching easier thanks to pre-selected results and direct integration with your #transferpricing documentation system #TPGenie.

The module consists of four search engines. Each of them can be utilised for different set of results:

  1. Comparable Companies: Establish at arm’s-length remuneration using TNMM, Resale Minus and Cost Plus methods;
  2. Intermediary Financing Remuneration: Establish at arm’s-length remuneration for companies involved in Intermediary Financing and Cash Pooling activities using CUP method;
  3. Interest Rate: Establish at arm’s-length Interest Rate on Inter-Company Loans using CUP method;
  4. Royalty: Estimate the market rate for Licensing of Intellectual Property and Service Fees using CUP method.



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