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For more than a decade TPGenie Transfer Pricing documentation software is the one-stop solution for creating & managing Transfer Pricing documentation, including Local Files, Master Files, Benchmarks, Inter-Company Agreements, Country-by-Country Reporting and much more. Hundreds of Multinationals, Tax Advisors and Local Entities are using TPGenie TP Documentation solution to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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TPGenie Basic

Transfer Pricing documentation software for Local entities or Tax advisory companies

  • 3 users
  • 1 environment
  • Free Master file & Local file templates
  • Easy 4 step creation of Local file
  • Transfer pricing benchmarking database
  • Free ChatGPT AI integration

Create & Manage Transfer Pricing documentation. Be compliant in a few clicks!

TPGenie Business

Transfer Pricing documentation & client management tool for Transfer Pricing Services Providers

  • 10 users
  • Unlimited entities and countries
  • Client management dashboard
  • Free country references
  • Transfer Pricing guide & country deadlines
  • Client calendar and notifications
  • Compliance tracker

Work together with your TP team to create and manage Transfer Pricing documentation for your clients.

TPGenie Enterprise

Transfer Pricing documentation, workflow & dashboard tooling for Multinationals

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited entities and countries
  • Workflow: Review, Validate & Approve Local files.
  • Automatic translation of Local files
  • TP Calendar & notifications
  • IC-Agreement Database

Create Transfer Pricing documentation for all entities in your MNE group, either centralised or decentralised.

TPGenie v5 Dashboard

About TPGenietransfer pricing software

TPGenie helps you to efficiently create, update and manage your transfer pricing documentation, including Master file, Local files, Intercompany Agreements, Benchmarking databases and Country-by-Country Reporting. TPGenie also assists you with TP planning, risk management and control. TPGenie is BEPS Action 13 compliant transfer pricing software.

TPGenie Modules

We provide direct tax solutions that are tailored to serve the industry to the fullest extent possible.

Benchmarking Database

The Benchmarking Database takes the complicated process of performing an economic analysis off your hands: it provides high quality benchmarking studies in few easy steps. It simplifies transfer pricing analyses, including profit and transaction-based analyses.

Pillar Two

Navigate the complexities of global minimum tax with our innovative tool. Designed for multinational enterprises and tax advisors, our module aligns with the latest international tax framework, ensuring compliance and effective tax rate management.

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking AI

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) tools for speeding up your benchmarking process, crawling and translating company websites.

Intercompany Agreements database

Intercompany agreement management repository that provides numerous of functionalities for managing your intercompany agreements. Easily show all missing agreements and map potential available agreements automatically.

Create and manage Agreements

Intercompany Agreement Creation Module provides you with the ability to easily create agreements in a clear and efficient manner as well as boost efficiency by automating signatures and approvals.

Legal Entity Management

The Legal Entity Management Module is an easy to use cloud solution that enables you to manage your legal entity governance and compliance in TPGenie.

Currency Conversion Module

This module provides an ability to change financials uploaded in a local amount to transaction amount and vice versa as well as visualise the amounts in a currency of choice for a better comparison of the data.

Translation Module

An automatic translation module helps generating Master file, Local files, Intercompany Agreements or any other documents in different languages and can help to improve communication between different countries and departments.

Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) Tool

CbCR Tool creates BEPS Action 13 Country-by-Country reporting in the XML format according to specifications of the OECD and affiliated countries. Additional Ratio analysis can be done to identify risks that need extra attention or clarification in Table 3.

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